Un Inizio

“This isn’t at all what we were lead to expect.” So is the first line of one of my all time favorite movies. I can’t begin to guess at what you expect of this blog but can only tell you what I expect. I expect this to be a personal journey of discovery, as I have many times attempted to begin blogging but have failed many times to follow through. Since a child I enjoyed writing but never felt the desire or the need to share it with others. I have also had a desire, as long as I can remember, to create. I enjoy making jewelry, sewing, knitting, crocheting, making cards, dabbling in fashion, and many of various forms of crafting, creating, expressing myself and sharing with others. Since high school I have had a notion to engage in a business venture with various crafts either I or my family would make. My inhibitions and other things have kept me from engaging in such a venture to this day. But I thought that perhaps what was missing and what might be a stepping stone would be to share my crafts in more than just a profitable venue. Thus, I decided to take the plunge, accept my friend’s advice, and blog about crafting. I have enjoyed following other creative blogs for a short while now and hope to join in this community of sharing.

I hope you are not disappointed and encourage a constructive interchange of comments and ideas. Caio!